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Integrated PROFIBUS Master / Slave Support in CODESYS

PROFIBUS is one of the world's leading fieldbus systems in automation technology and is promoted and maintained by the PROFIBUS user organization. CODESYS supports PROFIBUS DP with fully integrated components in the IEC 61131-3 Development System.

Scope of services

  • PROFIBUS master slave configurator based on GDS files fully integrated in the CODESYS Development System 
    ⇒ No external tool required to configure the bus system and the embedded I/O modules or for embedding the I/O data into the controller application.
    ⇒ Beside the master it is also possible to configure PROFIBUS DP devices.
  • Driver for fieldbus connection based on the netX technologies with an integrated PROFIBUS communication stack from Hilscher®
    ⇒ Flexible implementation of the PROFIBUS interface on embedded and PC-based devices
  • Driver for EtherCAT®-Profibus-Gatewaymodule EL6731/EL6731-0010
  • Diagnostics functionality in the development system and in the application to monitor the system at runtime
    ⇒ Comprehensive diagnostics functionality without any additional tools

Product information and related datasheets:


Functional Scope of the PROFIBUS Implementation for Master and DP Devices

  • Network scan: Detect connected slaves and transfer them to the configuration
  • Import of PROFIBUS GSD configuration files
  • Configuration of PROFIBUS parameters on the I/O slaves, I/O devices and their I/Os
  • Bus diagnostics: in the configurator and by the PLC application
  • User-friendly variable mapping with separate access to bit channels
  • Profibus master implementation supports DP V1 class 1 read/write

System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Linux®, VxWorks®, Embedded Systeme etc.
  • Hilscher netX-based PROFIBUS master with integrated protocol stack, EtherCAT with gateway module EL6731/EL6731-0010

How to get

You are a system integrator or a user in the machine/plant construction sector or the like:

Use controllers equipped with CODESYS PROFIBUS Support. Millions of CODESYS-compatible single devices and over 1,000 different device types from more than 500 manufacturers offer you a large range of hardware for your automation projects. CODESYS Inside offers a selection of manufacturers that offer CODESYS-compatible devices. Alternatively, you can use the PC-based SoftPLC systems CODESYS Control RTE and CODESYS Control Win from the CODESYS Store. CODESYS PROFIBUS Master is integrated in these systems and can be used immediately with suitable PC cards (for example CIFX50-DP) with license package “Control Basic M.” or higher. For the SoftPLC systems in the CODESYS Store you can also realize a PROFIBUS connection using an EtherCAT gateway clamp (EL6731/EL6731-0010). This requires additional licenses for the PROFIBUS Master or the PROFIBUS Slave.

You are a manufacturer of programmable devices:

Buy the CODESYS Runtime Toolkit with PROFIBUS Master/Slave and implement the runtime system on your hardware (more information).

For more information or an offer please contact our sales department under info@emea.com.tr


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