“ inspiring technologies ”

Today, the term, which is called in many ways such as (Digitalization), (Industry 4.0), (IoT), is equivalent to Traceability, Flexibility and Speed in factories.

Traceability: You cannot manage data that you cannot control.

Flexibility: Instead of uniform production, different products should also be able to be produced on the same lines.

Speed: Fast reduction of operation times (automation, robotics technologies, etc.)

Nowadays, thanks to ERP systems, while reporting times have decreased, problems such as not being able to get the correct report due to not entering the correct data are being faced a lot.

While white or kalar can actively use ERPs, the fact that the blue collar cannot /does not use them also devalues the software investments made in the field.

To summarize: While all reporting is done with the ERP that the white collar is already actively using, integration is achieved by taking data from the field with methods that will not create a workload for the blue collars and with industrial devices that will not be connected to people.

The benefits of Digitalization with EMEA are as follows:

  • Building infrastructure without interfering with ERP programs used in factories, if any, without the need to use a new software-interface,
  • ERP software-Network infrastructure-PLC Automation infrastructure-Field hardware cabling-Providing an integrated solution with a single interlocutor who has mastered installation issues,
  • Using an industrial PLC hardware that can write data directly to a SQL Database and providing company-specific open source software without the need for computer software Decoupled with ERP,
  • Thanks to data transfer from a single center, software management is easier, as well as the ability to set transfer periods in such a way as to prevent possible ERP communication bloats
  • (Ability to send data in lOOms, in lsn),
  • Thanks to the PLC memory, production data continues to be recorded in cases of regional power outages, network outages, etc. When the network comes back, the data is updated automatically,
  • The Kiosks in the field contain data that are not easy to understand for operators. Therefore, industrial machine screens will be designed for blue collar employees to simply enter/use data: The data they need to enter on those screens (Work order display, job order determination/assignment, target quantity, instant production quantity, manual fire inputs, manual posture and posture reason inputs, manual consumable material inputs, etc.) there will be no data outside. Signals from the field will be collected with operations that are easy to understand for operators.< / li>

Since the information about how many strokes a product will come out of the Abkand with the switch is available in the prescriptions in the ERP, the meter data will be filtered and sent on the PLC.

If the operating time of the Operator with the button is entered as 60 seconds from manual operations, the button counters will be pressed every 50-70 seconds.

With Ethernet /profinet/ethercat /modbus etc communications from machines with software, for example with field analysis in places without software, the analysis of the production speed according to the type of production with an encoder to be placed on the line for paint, and with a thermocouple to be connected to the oven, quality problems can be monitored by recording the paint temperature.

  • The use of an industrial PLC hardware also provides flexibility and expansion infrastructure. Consumables (number of electrodes) can be entered on the screens to track the stock drop and cost data. The new machine plugin is linput only. With flexible layout, you can operate the machines anywhere you want.< / li>
  • Planning can be done more easily. Narrow straits in production can be traced. Which employees should work overtime when necessary, etc. it can be easily interpreted.< / li>
  • Rate output can be obtained for salary increases by taking personnel performance and productivity outputs.< / li>
  • The correct term and the correct price can be given for an order without having to negotiate with the planning and without asking the people.< / li>
  • An analysis can be made of what % of a received order has been completed, or at which points reinforcement is required if it needs to be accelerated.< / li>
  • Machine investment planning can be made by examining the machine performance.< / li>
  • Instead of electronic cards, equipment such as PLC can be provided to users of infrastructure without being connected to people/ companies. In addition, field conditions (magnetic field influence, harmonic decay, etc.) for which a compatible long-lasting hardware is used.< / li>
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