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EMEA attaches importance to a sustainable and transparent supply chain and adopts the following considerations regarding the supply of conflict minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas (CAHRA).

Conflict minerals such as Tin, Tungsten, Tantalum, Gold and their derivatives (“3TG”) can be used in the manufacture of electronic parts, fuel cells, sensors, parts such as electric seat module, battery, sound systems, electric mirror. In this context, mineral trade in politically unstable regions should not be used to finance armed groups, to promote forced labor and other human rights violations, and to support bribery and money laundering. EMEA supports the supply of these minerals from conflict-free regions.

EMEA, in order to avoid any actions that contribute to the financing of the conflict, our Business Partners (supplier, distributor, dealer, authorized service and all other third parties with whom we have a business relationship, as well as all kinds of representatives, subcontractors, consultants, etc. acting on the company's behalf and account.) also expects them to comply with the same considerations and to behave in accordance with the “OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas” standards within this framework.

In this context, EMEA expects our Business Partners to fulfill the following aspects as part of their efforts to manage the risks related to conflict minerals;

  • Identification of products with a high probability of using 3TG, identification and evaluation of supply sources,
  • Making the necessary cooperation with their suppliers to verify the use of 3TG and the potential sources of these minerals,
  • Conducting studies to adopt policies related to conflict minerals in a manner consistent with EMEA policies and
  • When a situation related to conflict minerals is detected or a risk is foreseen in the supply chain, to apply to the notification channels detailed below and to work in coordination with EMEA to eliminate the risk, to stop cooperation with risky suppliers if necessary.< / li>

EMEA reserves the right to take appropriate measures that may lead to the termination of the business relationship with the Business Partner if any Business Partner determines that its efforts to comply with this policy are insufficient and the Business Partner does not cooperate in the development and implementation of reasonable corrective steps.


Powers and Responsibilities

EMEA is responsible for all employees and managers to comply with this Policy and to implement and support the relevant procedures and controls of EMEA in accordance with the requirements of this Policy.

EMEA expects all Business Partners to comply with this Policy to the extent applicable to the related party and the transaction, and takes the necessary steps to do so.

In the event of a difference between this Policy and the local legislation applicable in the countries in which EMEA operates, the Policy or legislation that is more restrictive will apply, insofar as the relevant application does not constitute a violation of local legislation. Dec.

If any action that is considered to be contrary to this Policy, the applicable legislation or the EMEA Code of Business Principles and Ethics is notified, the Human Resources Department, Legal Counsel's Office should be contacted.

If you have any questions or any notifications about ethical violation, please call "0 850 532 36 32 " by saying, " info@emea.com.tr ” you can also send it by sending an e-mail to address.

EMEA employees can consult with the EMEA Purchasing Department about their questions about this Policy and its implementation.

Violation of this Policy by an employee may result in significant disciplinary penalties, including dismissal. If any third party who is expected to act in compliance with this Policy acts contrary to this Policy, all necessary legal actions may be taken, including termination of the relevant contracts and collection of the damages suffered by EMEA from the responsible parties.

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