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Integrated BACnet®/IP Support in CODESYS

BACnet is a standardized data communication protocol for building automation and building control networks (Building Automation and Control networks).

Scope of delivery

  • an integrated configurator
  • a protocol stack in the form of a CODESYS library
  • a runtime system component
  • device descriptions for BACnet servers, BACnet objects and BACnet clients

Available products and related datasheets:


Functional Scope of the CODESYS BACnet Integration

  • The set of defined BACnet objects represents physical inputs, outputs, and software objects
  • Summary of BACnet objects in CODESYS on a BACnet server: represents the functionality of a real device
  • Characterization of objects with BACnet-Properties
  • Routing of BACnet integration in CODESYS according to Amev as-A and AS-B standards:
    • Direct access of an IEC application to the properties of BACnet objects and configuration parameters of a BACnet server
    • Programming of BACnet clients: access to BACnet functions on the BACnet network through Bacnet services
    • The application behavior of BACnet objects has already been implemented, for example Property-Access, Calendar-Object, Schedule-Object, who is there, I-am.< / li>
    < / li>

System requirements

  • Control with the applied CODESYS control Runtime system
  • Operating Systems: Microsoft, Microsoft
  • CPU architecture: 86, arm, Arm (tested – more on request)
  • Communication interface: Ethernet (TCP/IP)

Important communication protocols in Building Automation

3 of the video series "CODESYS in Building Automation". presentation of the most important communication protocols for building automation in the department.

Time codes for concrete information about BACnet: Theory from 00:40 / Practice from 04:31

More information about the use of CODESYS in Building Automation "

Reference information

  • As a system Integrator or user in machine or plant construction:
    Use aggregate controls equipped with CODESYS BACnet support or freely programmable controllers.
    Millions of CODESYS compatible devices and about 1,000 different device types provide a wide range of hardware options for your Automation projects from more than 500 Manufacturers. See the CODESYS Inside section for a selection of CODESYS compatible device manufacturers. Alternatively, you can use the CODESYS Control SoftSPS systems from the CODESYS Store. CODESYS BACnet can be licensed October as an additional option for some of these systems and is available immediately.< / li>
  • Programmable devices for building automation / building controls or as an aggregate manufacturer:
    Apply Codesys BACnet support to your hardware. Buy the CODESYS Runtime Toolkit with CODESYS BACnet.
    Alternatively, you can enable the Single License (SL) feature on your devices. In this way, customers can license CODESYS Bacnet for their own applications if necessary.< / li>
  • Consultation, offer and more information info@emea.com.tr


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