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From mobile to stationary

The right operating solution for every application

KEBA offers a unique selection of mobile and stationary operating devices. Performance and size are adapted to the respective visualization and operating tasks. Depending on the model, our HMI's are equipped with membrane keyboards, touch screens or multi-touch.
Highest quality, robustness and safety are standard at KEBA, as are operating efficiency and ergonomics.

Your benefits at a glance

  • HMI can be integrated into existing solutions
  • Creation of the user interface using HMI construction kit
  • Maximum ergonomics
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Customizing possible

Our HMI solutions

Stationary Operation

Stationary Operation

The stationary operating devices from KEBA combine industry-proven technology with modern operating concepts. Devices for general industrial applications as well as specially optimized versions for specific applications are available. The performance and size of the devices are scalable.

Available operating options:

  • Key operation via tactile short-stroke and membrane keys
  • Touch operation
  • Multitouch and gesture control
Stationary Operation


With the fully adaptive Ke Wheel rotary pushbutton as the central control element, overrides, handwheels, mode selector switch, axis travel buttons and user interface input options can be combined in one device. The KeWheel allows the operator to feel additional information about the machine status via a wide range of haptic feedback.

Mobile Operation

Mobile Operation

The KEBA handheld operating devices of the KeTop series are the world's leading solution for mobile operation and teach-in.

Machine operators benefit from maximum flexibility and efficiency. They operate where they have the best view of the process.

Typical areas of application include the operation and automation of machines and systems, teach-in and programming of robots, for example, as well as tests, maintenance work and commissioning.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ergonomic design with low weight
  • Robust design suitable for industrial use
  • High security
  • Customized solutions in hard- and software
  • Wireless variant possible
Mobile Operation
KeTop T15x Safe Wireless

KeTop T15x Safe Wireless

The KeTop T15x Safe Wireless combines user experiences from the high-end smartphone world, such as connectivity and multitouch use with safe machine operation. The device scores with its availability in portrait and landscape format as well as with its user-friendliness.


Perfect integration of our HMI thanks to various customizing options and software solutions.

HMI Software

HMI Software

Visualization without programming

The KeView framework is a module consisting of proven HMI components that have been tested many times over in industrial environments. With the intuitive HMI designer in KeStudio, the ready-made elements are simply arranged into finished visualization masks using drag & drop without needing to program a single line of code.

Depending on the needs, integrated multi-touch gestures are available in addition to high-performance widgets. Adaptation of the visualization to the corporate identity is performed centrally with a CSS-based style editor. For custom extensions, software modules can be flexibly implemented in Java.



Tailor-made operating devices

KeTop offers a wide range of operating devices as well as the option of tuning the individual devices perfectly to the respective application as well as individual design requirements. Gradual adaptation guarantees ideal orientation to the respective needs.

The options range from simple color and logo adjustments to individually developed devices which can be integrated seamlessly into existing customer solutions.


EMEA Technology


Whether machine automation, robotics or wind energy: the perfect controller for every requirement in the range

EMEA Technology


KeConnect C5 I/O modules: optimum ratio of functionality to volume

EMEA Technology

Safety Technology

Safe operation according to all standards and guidelines: maximum safety for man and machine

EMEA Technology

Servo Controllers

Servocontrollers for high-performance and standard applications

EMEA Technology


Dynamic engine families both for high volume and customized applications

EMEA Technology


Precision spindles with roller bearings or magnetic bearings

EMEA Technology

Magnetic bearings

Wear and maintenance-free magnetic bearings thanks to non-contact technology

EMEA Technology


Broad-spectrum of intelligent future-proof technology and software solutions

EMEA Technology


Mobile handheld terminal

EMEA Technology EMEA Technology EMEA Technology EMEA Technology