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KEBA offers the perfect control system for every requirement. The selection ranges from flexibly expandable standard control systems to a compact control and drive system with integrated safety control and optimized control systems with onboard I/Os. Regardless of the hardware used, our software platform offers the optimal basis for all applications.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Universally applicable
  • Expandable
  • Integrated safety control
  • Optimal basis for all applications

Overview of our control systems

KeControl C5

KeControl C5

Flexible expandability in a new dimension

With the cutting-edge control units of the KeControl C5 generation, KEBA is setting new standards in automation technology. The controls are equipped with super compact high-performance CPUs. KEBA’s own EtherCAT hardware stack reduces jitter time on the bus and allows for real-time communication. The interface boards feature versatile standard interfaces that can be easily adapted to individual customer requirements.

KeControl C5 stands out through its comprehensive modular design and open hardware architecture. This allows for flexible expandability. Any KEBA or customer technology module in the form of an extension board can be mounted directly on the left side of the control units. On the right side, our KeConnect C5 I/O modules can be installed. This offers even greater functionality for a multitude of applications.

KeControl C1

KeControl C1

Industry-optimized control with integrated I/O elements

The assemblies of the CP 03x and CP 05x series are central control assemblies that have been optimized for the end-to-end automation of hydraulic, hybrid or electric injection molding machines in all performance segments.

This hardware platform comes with different processor classes, offering optimum performance scalability for automation functions such as closed-loop and open-loop control and visualization in a single device.

KeDrive D3 Control

KeDrive D3 Control

The all-in-one control system in the drive technology form factor with optional safety technology

The D3 controller is an ideally matched combination of controller and an optional safety controller. On the right side, 1, 2 or 3 axis controllers can be flexibly connected.

Thus, simple PLC applications up to complex multi-robots and machine tools can be realized. Even complex systems can be automated easily, safely and efficiently.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Compact, gapless form factor
  • Modular, scalable system design
  • Optional integrated safety controller for robotic applications
  • Expandable with 1-, 2- and 3-axis drive modules

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EMEA Technology

HMI - Human Machine Interface

Operating and monitoring: unique selection of mobile and stationary operating devices

EMEA Technology


KeConnect C5 I/O modules: optimum ratio of functionality to volume

EMEA Technology

Safety Technology

Safe operation according to all standards and guidelines: maximum safety for man and machine

EMEA Technology

Servo Controllers

Servocontrollers for high-performance and standard applications

EMEA Technology


Dynamic engine families both for high volume and customized applications

EMEA Technology


Precision spindles with roller bearings or magnetic bearings

EMEA Technology

Magnetic bearings

Wear and maintenance-free magnetic bearings thanks to non-contact technology

EMEA Technology


Broad-spectrum of intelligent future-proof technology and software solutions

EMEA Technology


Mobile handheld terminal

EMEA Technology EMEA Technology EMEA Technology EMEA Technology