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  • GL Series – supports local expansion of H3U, H5U, AM400, and AM600
  • GR Series – distributed high-speed module 
  • EtherCAT bus coupler for up to 16 x DI/DO modules or up to 8 x AI/AO modules
  • Adapted to EtherCAT masters such as Omron NX and NJ series, Beckhoff CX series, and Keyence KV series
  • Digital input module: 16 x 24 VDC
  • Digital output module: 16 x 24 VDC/ 0.5 A PNP
  • Digital output module: 16 x 24 DC/ 0.2 A NPN
  • 16 relay outputs: 110/220 VAC or 24 VDC, max. 2 A
  • Analog output module: 4 x +/-10 V, 16 bit, 1 ms
  • Analog input module: 4x +/-10 V, 16 bit, 1 ms
  • Temperature modules
  • Counter modules
  • Complies with CE


Our motion controllers and I/O modules offer advanced motion control for all types of industrial applications

EMEA Technology

AM600 Motion Controller

Centralized motion controller with built-in PLC functionality

EMEA Technology


AC703 High Performance Intelligent Controller

EMEA Technology


Intelligent machine controller

EMEA Technology


Integrated intelligent controller and display

EMEA Technology EMEA Technology EMEA Technology EMEA Technology