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EMEA Technology

AC drives - Low voltage

Inovance's MD series of AC general purpose drives offer excellent performance, a wide range of functions and specifications, ease of use, and high reliability. Meanwhile, we also offer leading low voltage multidrive products for applications requiring complex multidrive systems, such as metal processing, printing and packaging, or textile printing and dyeing. Our multidrive products adopt modular designs, and feature high performance, high security, and a high protection rating.

EMEA Technology

Medium Voltage AC drives

With leading hardware and software technologies, the HD series is suitable for general purpose, processing, and high-end applications, and is widely used in various industries such as iron and steel, electric power, coal mining, and petrochemical

EMEA Technology

Industry Tailored Products

When designing industry-specific solutions, Inovance uses the extensive industry knowledge of its R&D engineers to meet customer demand for integrated, intelligent, industry-tailored technologies

EMEA Technology

Servo Drives & Motors

Inovance’s servo drives offer an extensive range of specifications along with reliability, high performance, powerful functionality, easy commissioning, and a wide power range of 0.05-110 kW. Meanwhile, our servo motors offer a compact design, quiet running modes and high performance

EMEA Technology


Inovance PLCs are reliable and durable. They are available in small and medium sizes, support bus applications, and can be flexibly combined. Meanwhile, our HMIs offer clear displays and an easy-to-use format. They can be integrated with any third party equipment, but, for optimal performance, are designed to be used as a package with other Inovance products, such as PLCs and variable speed drives.

EMEA Technology

Motion Controllers & I/O Modules

Our motion controllers and I/O modules offer advanced motion control for all types of industrial applications

EMEA Technology

CNC Solutions For Machine Tools

Inovance’s CNC solution for laser and milling machines offers all necessary components and functions for easy machine setup.

EMEA Technology

Elevator and Escalator Solutions

Monarch, founded in 2003, specialises in elevator controllers and gearless drive technology. The company pioneered the concept of Integrated Solutions that combine an elevator controller with the drive in a single package. Monarch’s product portfolio includes a range of open and closed loop integrated elevator controllers, as well as a range of open and closed loop elevator and escalator drives. As of 2019, the company has an installed base of >2,000,000 NICE Integrated Solutions.

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