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  • EtherCAT bus-based motion control supports multi-axis system (up to 32 axes)
  • Supports additional I/O channels through the EtherCAT bus extended rack
  • Provides 16 input and 8 output built-in high speed I/O ports and supports 8 AB-phase high-speed counters and 4 groups of pulse positioning
  • Additional modules can be added to the main CPU module to manage different I/O types
  • LAN port support Ethernet/IP, and Modbus TCP protocols
  • Built-in Modbus RTU master/slave station protocol – two separate communications ports (RS485)
  • CANopen/CANlink interface
  • PLCopen libraries support linear/circular/helical interpolation, CAM profiles and robot kinematics
  • IEC 61131-3 and CODESYS® programming are included with the InoProShop software tools
  • Complies with CE

AM600 Motion Controller Brochures and Information Materials


Our motion controllers and I/O modules offer advanced motion control for all types of industrial applications

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AC703 High Performance Intelligent Controller

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Intelligent machine controller

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Integrated intelligent controller and display

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GL10 and GR10 I/O Modules

Our flexible family of EtherCAT I/Os - GL10 & GR10 - combine advanced functionality with a compact footprint

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