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Dedicated AC drive for air compressors: small footprint and high performance:

  • 3 outputs in 1: main compressor drive, main cooling fan drive, motor cooling fan
  • Built-in functions for realization of stable pressure control
  • Temperature detection and protection
  • Solenoid valve control
  • Easy wiring and commissioning, one key start-up
  • Auto-tuning for both induction and PMS motors
  • Intelligent fault prediction


When designing industry-specific solutions, Inovance uses the extensive industry knowledge of its R&D engineers to meet customer demand for integrated, intelligent, industry-tailored technologies

EMEA Technology

CS710 - Crane Drive

High performance AC crane drive, open & closed loop, three phase, 400 VAC, 0.4 - 400 kW

EMEA Technology

CV800 - Electric Bus Air Conditioning Inverter

Designed for air conditioning in electric buses

EMEA Technology

IS580 - Servo Drive For Plastic Injection Machines

Three phase, 400 VAC, 11 - 160 kW; 200 VAC, 15 - 80 kW. Dedicated servo drive for energy saving servo pumps in plastic injection molding machines

EMEA Technology

ISMG - Servo Motor For Plastic Injection Machines

Three phase, 400 VAC, 9.5 - 110 kW (S4 rating). High response servo motor for energy saving servo pump applications

EMEA Technology EMEA Technology EMEA Technology EMEA Technology