“ inspiring technologies ”

  • High efficiency (>96% for the complete drive)
  • High input power factor (>0.95), low input current harmonics (compliant to IEEE 519-1992)
  • Extremely low dV/dt output voltage
  • Short circuit protection on transformer secondary windings
  • Modular construction - very compact design
  • Fast catch spinning function (<250 ms)
  • Optional power cell bypass
  • Optional bypass cabinet can be integrated in the drive 
  • Syn-transfer solution that achieves very soft switching during by-pass transfer.
  • Touchscreen (Inovance HMI) for drive commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting (“black box” function)
  • Designed according to IEC standards
  • MVD units are fully tested in the factory
  • Typical applications: pumps, fans, compressors, mixers, mills, shore to ship power supply, conveyors, etc
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