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  • Excellent performance due to advanced vector control technology
    • Motor parameter auto-tuning
    • Enhanced accuracy control via innovative synchronization machine angle identification technology
    • Offers encoder original point identification technology, adaptable to general A, B, Z signal incremental encoders 
    • Adopt best quality devices on NICE900 integrated controller, like latest 32-bit DSP up to 150 MHz
  • Compact design: 2 in 1 integrated controller has both controller and inverter functions, applicable to both asynchronous and synchronous motors
  • In-built keypad for easy setup and maintenance


Monarch, founded in 2003, specialises in elevator controllers and gearless drive technology. The company pioneered the concept of Integrated Solutions that combine an elevator controller with the drive in a single package. Monarch’s product portfolio includes a range of open and closed loop integrated elevator controllers, as well as a range of open and closed loop elevator and escalator drives. As of 2019, the company has an installed base of >2,000,000 NICE Integrated Solutions.

EMEA Technology

SLC Slim Line Series - MRL Integrated Solution

Contactorless (sto) sıl3, en 81-20 / en 81-50 safety certified, automatic double door simultaneous control mode, automatic rescue device onboard (with battery charger)

EMEA Technology

NICE1000+ Integrated Solution - Elevator Controller With AC Drive

Integrated lift controller with parallel connection

EMEA Technology

WISE310 - Escalator And Moving Walk AC Drive

Tailored for escalators and moving walks

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