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Multidrive system for induction and PMS motors – configurable V/f or sensorless vector control or closed-loop vector control for asynchronous motors & permanent magnet synchronous motors

  • Common power supply unit from 22-355 kW
  • Drive range from 1.5-160 kW (dual drive unit: 1.5-18.5 kW)
  • STO SIL 3 acc. to EN/IEC 61800-5-2
  • Static and dynamic auto-tuning
  • Centre winder/unwinder function
  • Wobble function
  • Point to point position control function
  • Second PID control loop for external process control (load cell or similar)
  • Communications options:
    • CANopen
    • Modbus-RTU
    • CANlink
  • Complies with CE and UL


Inovance's MD series of AC general purpose drives offer excellent performance, a wide range of functions and specifications, ease of use, and high reliability. Meanwhile, we also offer leading low voltage multidrive products for applications requiring complex multidrive systems, such as metal processing, printing and packaging, or textile printing and dyeing. Our multidrive products adopt modular designs, and feature high performance, high security, and a high protection rating.

EMEA Technology

MD800 - Compact AC MultiDrive

Modular design (1-8 drives); 1 phase 200V & 3 phase 400 V supply; 200-7.5 kW

EMEA Technology

MD520 High Performance Universal Ac Drive

3 ph 380 - 480 Vac: 0.4 to 500 kW, 3 ph 200 - 240 Vac: 0.4 to 75 kW - 1 ph 200 - 240 Vac: 0.4 to 2.2 kW

EMEA Technology

MD500-Plus High Performance Universal Ac Drive

Open & closed loop, three phase, 0.4-500 kW

EMEA Technology

MD200 - Open Loop, General Purpose, Compact, Economic Drive Series

Open loop, single phase, 220 VAC, 0.4-2.2 kW; three phase, 400 VAC, 0.4-3.7 kW

EMEA Technology

MD310 Compact Vector, Economic Ac Drive Series

Open loop, three phase, 400 V, 0.4-18.5 kW

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