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Access to the PLC Data in the Controller Application

The CODESYS PLCHandler is an easy-to-use software interface (API) for the communication between CODESYS controllers and external client systems. An external client like a visualization or a service panel can access the IEC 61131-3 variables and the online services of the controller using this API.

Functionality of the CODESYS PLCHandler (excerpt)

  • Establishing or terminating a controller connection
  • Reading the variable list of the controller
  • Cyclical reading of variable values from the controller
  • Synchronous exchange of variable values (read/write) with the controller
  • Instantiability for the simultaneous communication with several controllers
  • Automatic reconnection to the controller after connection failure
  • Automatic reconnection after a program download from CODESYS to the controller
  • Transfer of data to and from the controller
  • Callback functions for different events


Callback features for various events Dec

The CODESYS PLCHandler has been implemented as a C++ class and is delivered in form of a Software Development Kit (SDK). Above that, the PLCHandler also offers a plain C interface and is available as an ActiveX component for Microsoft Windows. Apart from platform-specific files for example for Windows, Linux® or VxWorks® the SDK also contains trial clients in source code for different platforms.


The PLCHandler is purchased by companies who want to establish a connection between an external system and CODESYS.

  • Manufacturers of programmable devices or vendors of third-party systems such as visualizations, operating panels etc.:
    Company license to access CODESYS controllers with the “CODESYS PLCHandler for device manufacturers” from a certain platform
  • System integrators and users for example from the machine or plant building industry: If you want to establish a connection to a third-party system, please contact your system/device supplier or us. 
  • For more information or an offer please contact our sales department under info@emea.com.tr


IEC 61131-3 controllers converted from any kind of intelligent device – by means of the adaptable CODESYS Control runtime system.

EMEA Technology

Runtime Toolkit

SDK for the implementation of industrial IEC 61131-3 controllers with a customized PLC runtime system programmable with CODESYS

EMEA Technology


CODESYS Control is the corresponding runtime system to the CODESYS Development System.

EMEA Technology

CODESYS Virtual Control SL

The IEC 61131-3-compatible runtime system CODESYS Virtual Control SL can be installed on any architecture with container or hypervisor / VM - as often as required and with scalable performance.

EMEA Technology

OPC Server

Standard Interface to access the IEC 61131-3 process data of a controller via Open Platform Communications.

EMEA Technology


Standard Interface for Communication in Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 Systems

EMEA Technology

Redundancy Toolkit

Two Industrial IEC 61131-3 Controllers for one Single Application make the Application Fail Safe

EMEA Technology


Add-on component for standard devices with Symmetric Multicore Processing (SMP) support

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