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The CODESYS Automation Platform is a complete application framework for creating development environments for industrial controller networks.

Extension framework for the CODESYS Development System

The CODESYS Automation Platform enables manufacturers of automation devices or machine and plant manufacturers to extend the existing IEC 61131-3 programming tool to include their own specific convenience or additional functions under Microsoft .NET.


  • Extension of the IEC 61131-3 development environment CODESYS Development System by adding customized plugins such as manufacturer or application-specific programming editors, configurators or wizards, replacing existing plugins with customized implementations etc.
  • Implementation of standalone software tools for different automation tasks like the commissioning of drives, project documentation, the automatic creation of source code or the commissioning of controllers without the complete development system etc.


  • Project database for the programmatic access to CODESYS projects
  • Compilers with code generators for the creation of symbol tables, cross references, parse trees and machine code
  • Online component for the extendable layer 7 communication with a CODESYS Runtime System
  • Administration of different plug-ins in different versions (installation, de-installation)
  • Numerous, easy to use service classes for example for the forward and backward compatible serialization of database objects
  • Access to application global settings
  • Extensive online resources


  • Development environment for .NET 4.6 (typically Microsoft Visual Studio from Version 2015)
  • At least Microsoft Windows 10 for products based on the CODESYS Automation Platform

How to get

The CODESYS Automation Platform is especially designed for manufacturers of customized devices programmable with CODESYS as well as for machine and plant builders.

  • Scope of Delivery:
    • Software Development Kit incl. required documentation
    • Workshop at your premises
    • 1st level support
    • Access to online resources
  • For more information or an offer please contact our sales department under info@emea.com.tr
  • As an alternative to purchasing the CODESYS Automation Platform and implementing your own solution, you can commission the CODESYS Group to develop the required plug-ins for you as a development service


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