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How can you make optimal use of CODESYS for your purposes?

Sometimes, the benefit is not obvious at first glance. However, a second glance is worth while, as engineering processes cannot only be accelerated drastically, but the overall result can also be optimized if the tools at hand are used cleverly. The following items play a major role in this. In order to thoroughly benefit from this potential for optimization, we offer comprehensive consulting services for CODESYS users.

  • Thorough utilization of all functions integrated in CODESYS
  • Up-to-date software architectures of controller applications, e.g. using object-oriented programming, the CODESYS Application Composer or an elaborate library concept
  • Workflow optimization during application development
  • Improvement of the application quality thanks to integrable add-on products
  • Technology consulting, e.g. for the choice of suitable fieldbus or visualization systems for the application
  • Customer-specific plug-ins to enhance the efficiency of individual use cases

Software development is our core competence. Your benefit!

For over 20 years, our software designers have been doing nothing else but developing CODESYS. This is why you can profit significantly from their expert advice. In most cases, the investment for a consultation pays off within a few weeks. Optimizing your processes will increase your competitive edge considerably.

This is what consulting can do for users

  • The development of a lean library concept leads to a more effective usage and protection of application know-how.
  • Tools can help to analyze the application code and its runtime properties. This will significantly reduce cost and effort for the technical approval of controller applications.
  • The right usage of application products such as CODESYS SoftMotion and the optimization of communication settings will help shorten machine cycles.
  • Prototypes can give a more clear idea of how new technologies and approaches will work. Thus, cost and expense entailed in an actual implementation can be estimated on a more reliable basis.
  • Using the CODESYS Application Composer will considerably speed up application development for modular machines and plants consisting of similar components.
  • Tests of controller applications subject to continuous enhancements are automated by using the CODESYS Test Manager.
  • Consulting for the selection of suitable application-based licenses.
  • ...

Scope of our consulting services

Our service for CODESYS users focuses on software concepts and software architecture for application development with the standard version of CODESYS. The overall aim is to make optimal use of the functionality of CODESYS. The scope of our consulting services is determined by the customer: the consulting can be a onetime event to start a development process, accompany the whole process, or include the development of comprehensive prototypes such as applications, plug-ins or libraries. We can also help you optimize your development methods by using optional add-on products.

The CODESYS System Partners remain responsible for developing entire application software and assuming responsibility for the machine. They will also help you select the controller hardware best suited for your purposes. For consultation on brand labeled CODESYS derivatives, please refer directly to the manufacturers.

How to get

Our consulting service explicitly addresses machine and plant builders as well as service providers specialized in the effective implementation of controller applications.


Training, consulting and development directly from the manufacturer of CODESYS.

EMEA Technology

Device Manufacturer Services

Customer-specific software for the IEC 61131-3 programming system created by experienced developers, e.g. plug-ins, drivers, adaptations, libraries

EMEA Technology

CODESYS Academy Training

CODESYS Academy Trainings - The original from the CODESYS manufacturer.

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