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Thanks to our Specific Machinery Safety Requirements Specification, it is aimed to provide the basic occupational health and safety requirements required prior to machine order in accordance with the determined directives and international standards.


The written specification is based on the machine's running designs and production requirements. In addition, in accordance with the EN ISO 12100 standard, all relevant EU directives, EN ISO standards and Work Equipment Usage Directive are also taken into consideration.

Where necessary, appropriate guidelines are consulted, referring to the principles of implementation, local regulations and laws, or your standards for your company.

What is included?

The Safety Requirements Specification is designed according to your needs and may include:

• Reference is made to machine-specific directives and standards.

• Notification of the needs of the safety control system according to the area of the machine and the danger.

• Defining "Input - Logic - Output" block diagrams in Electrical Safety architecture

• EN ISO 13849-1 safety-related control function Performance Level PL "r" determinations

• Safety-related control system function descriptions and features

What is the next step?

Preparing and presenting the Safety Requirements Specification is a basic step in designing a safe machine. Now you can start machine improvement with your solution partners or request us to do it for you.