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We carry out Performance level determination works within the scope of EN ISO 13849-1 for you. As it can be presented in the risk assessment, we determine the regional or local PL '' r 'level according to the basic occupational health safety requirements for the machine.


Step by step compliance with Machinery Safety Directives

We offer this service as a supportive service to help you comply with your legal obligations:

Determining the Performance Level that is aimed to be achieved in the Control Functions related to Safety in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1

Our service is valid for anyone who manufactures, renews, improves or upgrades machinery and wants to get a CE mark or extend its duration. Within the scope of EN ISO 13849-1, the level of performance required for each safety function must be determined.

With our EN ISO 13849-1 PL "r" determination service, the following are provided in determining the level of performance required for the safety functions of your machine in this process:

• Identification of every safety function on the machine

• Parameters taken from EN ISO 13849-1 are used to calculate the level of performance:

• Injury Severity

• Frequency of Exposure

• Possibility to Avoid

This service can also be offered separately or in conjunction with our other machine safety services.