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You can categorize your machines in the facilities according to their risk levels and you can meet all your legal obligations at once. Then, we can create the necessary action plans with you.


Determining the plan

Our service of categorizing your machines in the facilities according to their risk levels is a complete solution for all your machines and allows you to direct your budget to the most risky area. You can achieve the necessary legal compliance for all your machines and emphasize that you manage your risks. Since you determine the speed of the process (with our help and suggestions), you decide where to invest each year. We can carry out all improvement processes together, carry out with your employees.

A project plan is prepared with you to examine your machines in production. During our field work, we talk to your operators and department managers to evaluate how they use machines. In this way, we can divide your machines into high, medium and low risk groups mentioned in Law 6331. Our recommendation is to carry out remediation, development or upgrades first for high-risk machines, then for medium-risk machines and finally for low-risk machines.

Sustainable Safety

Our experience has emerged as a result of the most efficient use of the system, following the design and safety work carried out prior to machine integration.

Sustainable compatibility

With our Safety Assessment in Facilities service, we ensure a long-term solution partnership by performing regular reviews and evaluations on your machines, following revisions and updates, or according to your hazard class, to ensure compliance with safety standards today and in the future.