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Our expert staff and partners are highly experienced in CE marking process and details. We ensure that the whole process passes smoothly and efficiently, and we make sure that the usage of the machine to which the CE mark will be applied is legal.


Your time is important to us;

In the light of our experience, many of the newly integrated machines or production lines may fail to meet the directives and do not comply with basic occupational health and safety requirements. As a result, CE has not been met since the requirements of the CE mark have not been met.

Speeding up the CE marking process

The CE marking is a manufacturer's declaration that the machine complies with EU directives. Most often these directives are; Machine Safety Directive, Low Voltage Directive and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directives. The CE marking is required not only for a machine to be sold in the European common market, but also for machines that you have developed for your own domestic use. We can make sure that we can help you meet all the essential requirements you need for the CE mark and all the requirements required by accredited organizations.

When your machine designs need changes, we can support you with safety functions design, engineering, installation and testing, and with our risk reduction solutions, we can provide documentation for the technical files you create.

Content of CE Marking

In this process, EMEA ensures that the process passes smoothly and efficiently with its expert and professional staff.

• Machine risk assessment study

• Checking whether the machine complies with the EHSR-Basic Health and Safety Requirements in the Machinery Directive.

• Checking and measuring whether electrical systems comply with IEC EN 60204-1

• Checking whether pneumatic systems comply with EN ISO 4414

• Checking whether hydraulic systems comply with EN ISO 4413

• Examinations for compliance with all other EN ISO standards applicable to the machine

• Noise tests

• EMC tests

• Determining the performance levels of safety related control functions within the scope of EN 13849-1 and verification by programs such as Pascal and Sistema

• Calculation of machine downtime and approach speed for light barriers, scanners, single beam sensors and all other ESPE devices covered by EN ISO 13855 and ensuring their positioning at suitable safe distances.

• Calculating and measuring the correct positions of guards and guard locks within the scope of EN 14120 and EN 14119 and providing relevant CE documents.

• Expert consulting in the creation of the Technical File for the machine.

• Expert and professional consulting in forming the Declaration of Conformity or Establishment Declaration for the Machine.

• Creation of EC (CE) declaration of conformity or establishment declaration to be signed by the customer.