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Diagnosis of the relevant CE non-conformances of the machine prior to shipment ensures tangible cost reduction. It also ensures to start production earlier, in addition to speeding up machine acceptance and installation. It helps to find CE marking requirements according to which basic occupational health and safety requirements for systems completed when the machine, machinery or production line is installed.


Can the machines you bought really meet CE requirements or only do they just have the CE logo only?

Checking whether or not you have a machine that complies with the directives.

In our service, the necessary controls on a machine you have recently bought or revised include:

  • CE compliance check before delivery of the machine by a control in compliance with your special requirements, CE directives and international standards
  • Basic CE compliance check for machines in your production
  • Basic level of CE compliance control required for the machines you have produced. The purpose of this is to ensure the CE compliance of the machine before CE certification.

What we do:

It forms the basis of the official written report in line with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC:

• CE marking: Is it available and suitable?

• EC declaration of conformity: Is it available and appropriate? What is the content of properness?

• Instruction manual, maintenance, cleaning, transport instructions: Are they available, suitable and compatible?

• Basics of safe operation: Machine standard and safe control system supervision carried out in accordance with the basic health and safety requirements of the machinery directive,

• Electricity: Status of electrical control systems and inspection of compliance with IEC EN 60204-1

• Hydraulics: Status of the hydraulic system and inspection compliance with EN ISO 4413

• Pneumatic: Status of the pneumatic system and inspection of compliance with EN ISO 4414

• Technical File: Is it Available and Suitable?