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According to the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, we help you to fulfill your machine risk assessment and related obligations professionally. With our professional and expert staff, we prepare your reports at the highest level and inform you of all your foreseeable risks.

Meet the legal safety requirements required by your machines in production.

Thanks to the reports we will present to you, you can focus on production, which is your main business.

Machinery manufacturers are responsible for performing and having a risk assessment during the machinery manufacturing and design phase and it also applies to machines manufactured by the manufacturer for their own use.

For newly produced machines:

Before putting the machine into production, you need:

1. Is the machine CE marked?

2. Is there a risk assessment of the environment in which the machine is to be used?

3. Is there an assessment in line with the "Work Equipment Usage-UWED Directive"?

If the answer to these three requirements is "yes", production on this machine can begin.

For existing machines:

The end user is obliged to perform a full risk assessment in accordance with the hazard class according to the "Work Equipment Usage Directive Assessment (UWED)" at regular intervals throughout the life of the machine and when the machine is repositioned.

Risk reduction and more ...

Our Machine Risk Assessment service (fully compliant with EN ISO 12100) helps you meet these requirements in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / AT. You will receive a report stating the initial risk reduction requirements to reduce dangerous incidents. In addition, information on additional safety measures and safety-related control functions is provided for the areas deemed necessary.

Required Features

Risk score calculated using the values below:

  • (DPH) Degree of Possible Harm
  • (PO) Possibility of Occurrence
  • (PA) Possibility of Avoidance
  • (FE) Frequency of Exposure

As a result of the evaluations, the following are obtained:

• A numerical risk analysis score

• First risk reduction methodologies

• Risk reduction list that can be prioritized

• Diagnosis of recommended control functions related to machine safety