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You can prioritize and plan the investment points you will make in the machines according to the risks found after the MSE service for your machines in your production site.

Categorization of Your Machines According to Risk Score Analysis:

Approximately 1 hour field work for each machine

The first aim in Machine Safeguarding Evaluation is to make sure that your machines can be used safely. It can be performed in 1 hour per machine and the final report can tell you which machines are at which safety level and which ones require revision.

The report identifies potential danger areas and shows where and how more detailed investigations should be carried out. A risk scoring analysis is also used in the content of the report. This analysis indicates the most dangerous elements of the machines.

What we do:

Our safety advisor visually inspects each machine and completes checks that meet essential occupational health and safety criteria. It also collects information from your machine operators and production managers about the operation of the machine. The resulting official written report shows you the following:

• Machine's suitability for safe use

• Which machines have CE mark and which machines will need the mark

• Indicates hazards on the machine and the repetition status of each hazard and the general hazard levels these machines create for users

• Reporting of the highest hazards we anticipate in machines according to the risk score,