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For the determination of the downtime of the machine, we perform the location calculation and verification of the safety devices to meet the requirements of the Work Equipment Usage Directive and to prevent access to the moving parts of the machines covered by EN ISO 13855.


Step by step compliance with Machinery Safety directives and standards

We offer two supportive services to help you comply with your legal obligations:

• Machine Downtime Test

• ESPE Device Location Calculation and Verification in accordance with EN ISO 13855 standard

This test is a critical process for machine design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It is especially important for our country where the Work Equipment Use Directive and the Machinery Safety Directive, which require the application of these tests.

Therefore, if you are using ESPE devices, the functionality and positioning of these devices must be formally tested and approved by a "competent" person at regular intervals. This includes safety devices such as light barriers, laser scanners, single beam light sensors, pressure mats, and locks covered by EN ISO 13855.

In our country, the vast majority of users using devices covered by this standard are not aware of this requirement. End users do not officially test ESPE devices and do not record their results. Accordingly, they expose their employees to possible risks.

As a best practice, the following test intervals are recommended for ESPE devices:

  • Type 2 devices: once in every 12 months
  • Type 4 devices: once in every 6 months.

Evaluation provides:

  • Identification of every safety function related to a suitable device in the machine or device
  • Physical testing of the stopping time of the machine or device in comparison with the defined safety functions
  • Location calculation of devices such as light barriers, laser scanners, single beam light sensors in relation to danger under EN ISO 13855.