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It is a solution-oriented study to reduce the risk on your machines. After the design, it is a service that you can get the final result with your own team or with the help of our directions.

Safety solutions for your machines

The stage after the risk assessment;

The content of the service includes solutions to the risks found based on the risk analysis. The solutions offered offer the opportunity to understand and plan risk reduction methods.

If you are not sure how to proceed after risk analysis, we will present these solutions by concept safety design.

If you don't have the knowledge or resources to make improvements with your own team, our engineer team can accomplish these improvements with you, and risk reduction efforts can be managed by our expert and certified project managers.

Concept Safety Design provides:

• A detailed description of the risk reduction measures required to reduce the risks arising from the hazards identified on the machine.

• EN ISO 13849-1 PLr recommendation of the required performance level for each new safety function or safety function upgrade, where required.

• Proposing suitable safety devices that meet the required safety functions

• Features of ESPE device to be used

• Drawings, graphics and images to be included in the concept.