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It would not be wrong to say that textile is one of the vital needs of humans when we think historically before examining textile as a sector. This need, which is as old as human history, has developed day by day with humanity and has taken its present form. This sector, which is in the middle of our daily lives today, is actually as important to us as our vital activities.

We, as consumers of textile products, attach great importance to the fact that the products are robust, in addition to having aesthetic appearance, in compliance with the health rules, and quality products. When competition is so high, it is inevitable for competition itself to take an important place besides all these features.

Considering all these, the concept of mechanical drive and motion control in the textile industry is to be flexible and functional. Considering that trends are generally short-lived, fast and precise production is very important for manufacturers, but cost pressure is also at the highest level.

EMEA Technology distinguishes itself in the textile industry with its experience in the production chain from yarn to textile finishing and combines its mechanical experience with advanced motion control solutions. With this experience, EMEA Technology has aimed to provide flexibility and speed in production and adopted it as a principle.

Please contact us for your investment and development demands in this sector, which coincides with the EMEA Technology principles.