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The development of humanity has changed significantly since the first use of the printing house and has gained a very high acceleration compared to the history of the world. It is precisely for this reason that the printing press, that is, paper and writing, that is, printing, has a special importance for humanity.

The quality of the printed text, which is the final form of paper, etc. depends on the quality of the print, and the quality of the print depends on the quality of the motion. High-precision motion control is required for the quality of the article and high speeds are required to be competitive.

EMEA Technology technical team offers advanced solutions for the paper and printing industry in sensitive motion control, with its experience and knowledge especially in motion control. Thanks to this knowledge and experience, it is aimed to offer complete solutions in topics including the main applications in the sector, which are high quality printing and lamination process, die cutting, slicing, folding and embossing.

Flexographic Printing

Flexographic printing is the ideal solution for customers who need fast turnaround for printing jobs of much longer lengths (up to 50,000m.). Flexographic printing has fast start-up time, less waste, and has the ability to print ink on almost any surface used in printing industry.

Although flexographic printing is very useful and advantageous, it has difficulty in terms of motion control by manufacturers as it requires perfect synchronization between plates and rollers.

EMEA Technology's knowledge and experience in motion control makes the difference in its perspective towards the sector. This different perspective reflects itself in software and mechanics, and reveals a flawless functioning. For example, the use of direct drive mechanics with advanced motion control software provides the advantage of fast communication and processing time, as well as reducing losses from mechanics by up to 20 times. As in this example, EMEA Technology’s overall approach coincides with the mission of our manufacturers to stand out compared to their competitors in the world market by increasing the added value of the machines.


The rate of use according to label reading and label information is increasing day by day, and the label has become a very important information element for consumers. When this is the case, manufacturers must pay much more attention to the labeling and accuracy of the resulting data, and to keeping this data in the database. Because, the quality of the label is being associated with the quality of the product. Incorrect or incomplete label information can create a loss of value for the brand, but also creates very detailed legal responsibilities. Therefore, wrong or incomplete printed label is an issue that the producers should be on.

Labeling machines often require very high speeds, high precision, torque and positioning. EMEA Technology provides high precision at very high speeds thanks to the special algorithms it has written for creating labels and labeling applications and the special mechanical designs it has prepared.

EMEA Technology aims to make its partners stand out from its competitors and considers this as a mission. Therefore, as in every sector, it aims to make the producers stand out by using its partnership structure to this end.