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Packaging is used in every sector and with the privatization of products, it has taken an ordinary place in our daily life. Although the cornerstone of the packaging sector is food and beverage, it is of great importance in almost every sector that comes to our mind from furniture to cosmetics, from chemistry to electronics. Packaging is sometimes used to make the product look beautiful, sometimes healthy and sometimes protected and it differs in terms of its intended use depending on the industry it is used in.

As EMEA Technology, our main purpose in this field is to strengthen the brand reputation by increasing the product life on the shelf as much as possible and keeping the freshness as long as possible, and to increase the competitiveness of the producers by decreasing the waste rate as much as possible and by producing quality products. Thus, our customers will improve their competitive position on the shelf and provide higher consumer satisfaction and gain high sales and profitability.

The main packaging applications used in the food and beverage industry:

Bottling, Filling and Stacking

Especially in bottling, filling and stacking applications, the quality in packaging directly affects the quality of the final product. For this reason, EMEA Technology shows a special sensitivity in this field as in all packaging applications.

Being competitive in this sector is not only directly related to packaging quality but also to waste rate. The waste per unit basis accumulating at the end of the day in the facilities where thousands of liters are filled is written as minus in the waste section. Special solutions of EMEA Technology aims to increase the quality and scale the amount of product while significantly reducing the waste rate in this field. In this way, the product will maintain its freshness thanks to its robust packaging throughout its shelf life, and will provide confidence in the customer and the manufacturer by a reduced waste rate.

Arranging and Slicing

Arranging and slicing, which became prominent with meat, milk and its derivatives, are applications that require high precision and high speed in terms of the structure of the product, like all food applications. Producers want to cut the product’s contact with the air and keep it in the optimum conditions by packaging the product at high speeds as much as possible.

Thanks to its knowledge in the packaging industry, EMEA Technology aims to package the product at unique speeds by using special software algorithms developed by its experienced technical team in places where high speed packaging is desired.

Food Safety and Control

It is indisputable that people want to consume the safest foods, this situation bring along the Food Safety obligation for food producers. Most of the 7 billion+ consumers worldwide prefer packaged foods, which combines opportunities and dangers for producers.

Thanks to special algorithms created with the awareness of food safety by EMEA Technology, all products are monitored from the beginning of production to the shelves in the market and even from there to the invoice. Thus, in terms of food safety, the supply chain is fully monitored until the product reaches the consumer. Thanks to these special algorithms, the product, provides information from the production date to the shelf life remaining in the markets and even creates related warnings.

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Forming, filling and pasting

Forming, filling and pasting a package is said to be simple, but it contains extremely difficult and complex movement structures. Required form must be given, filling must be done correctly and finally gluing must be perfect. Only this way, products can reach to the customer in the shapes desired and hygienically.

Thanks to its experienced staff and the special software infrastructure it has created thanks to its knowledge in this field, EMEA Technology ensures that product leaves the production line and enters the package perfectly. The algorithm developed with the accumulation of knowledge in this field not only allows the products included in the package to be adhered perfectly, but also to be controlled by visual inspection and creates a perfect packaging structure.