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No industry requires as much precision and attention as the pharmaceutical industry. The presence of manufacturers in this industry depends on the correctness and perfectness of the parameters such as security, purity, shelf life, product monitoring and even marketing. At the same time, meeting the demand for millions of doses of daily medication requires pairing motion control at high speeds with very high efficiency, along with great dosing accuracy. Filling drug capsules and bottles requires very precise positioning and speed. In addition, production processes have difficulties. Given the difficulty of these processes and the availability of raw materials, waste or scrap from any error can be much more costly than expected. Along with such a difficult production process, high volumes of demands force producers to work 24 hours a day. For this reason, it is required to operate the machine fully efficiently, and it is important to carry out maintenance and repairs as soon as possible.

EMEA Technology started out with the awareness of the difficulty of the pharmaceutical industry and has created its entire infrastructure in a way to meet the demands in this sector. Therefore, it responds to all demands from the dosage, bottling, barcode printing to barcode control of capsules with the EMEA Mission in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Please contact us for your improvement requests and technological developments in the pharmaceutical industry, which EMEA Technology technical team is particularly interested in.