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Food and beverage area, which is as old as human history, is one of the largest industries that are growing day by day as a sector. Manufacturers in the food and beverage industry have to maintain competition by innovative and faster production and packaging lines without stopping production with higher production volume, planned downtime and faster maintenance time.

Food and beverage quality is based on process information as well as the quality of the machines and the correct processing of the collected data. EMEA Technology helps to control data at every step of the products, by blending its knowledge in automation and innovative technologies with process knowledge of manufacturers in the field of food and beverage. In addition, it aims to contribute to production from the machine to the operator, from the manufacturer to the customer, thanks to its working safety principle thanks to its machinery safety department. Thus, it is aimed to present the food and beverage chain to the customer in the highest quality and safest way.

Technology is becoming commonplace for everyone, but it is vital for manufacturers. Instant recording of data of the products and production chain and instant sharing of unexpected situations will lead to immediate notification of the possible error, resolving the error at that time and catching the defective product that may go to the end customer.