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Although the use of the automobile is not as old as other sectors, its prevalence is far ahead of other sectors. The automobile we use as a means of transportation almost every day and the sectors connected to it are generally called automotive. The automotive industry is a sector that adds to its production with every new feature, that has to renew itself in every new model. In addition, this sector does not accept errors, and even the smallest errors have huge consequences.

EMEA Technology has combined its experience with the awareness of the rigid production and inspection infrastructure in this sector and added the requirements of the sector to its focus in the formation of the company. For example, attention to machinery safety in every sector is fixed by law. However, automotive manufacturers attach extra great importance to this issue and to ensuring that all conditions are complete and safest, from the design of the machine to its operation.

In addition, same trends are present in products produced by the sector, and every piece produced is subjected to visual inspection and a separate infrastructure is created for this inspection. EMEA Technology offers the optimum solution to the needs of this sector with its experienced visual inspection team.

Production lines in the main industry have enormous dynamism. So much so that factories have now been racing their production speeds and as a result, natural competition advantage is obtained due to production quality and production speed. EMEA Technology is aware of the competition in the production among the automotive manufacturers, and combines the experiences of all its departments separately in the common denominator, and as a result offers special solutions for competitive advantage to the manufacturers of this sector...